Graduates, Faculty Members Recognized With Special Honors at Commencement

Posted May 20th, 2010 at 2:33 pm.

At Sunday’s commencement ceremony, President Jane McAuliffe presented some of the College’s highest honors to graduating seniors and members of the faculty.

The Gertrude Slaughter Fellowship is awarded this year to two members of the graduating class for excellence in scholarship to be used for study in the United States or abroad. This year, the award was given to two seniors who graduated summa cum laude: Nicole Gervasio, who majored in English and growth and structure of cities, and Evan Schneider, who majored in physics and mathematics.

Catherine Elise Niemeyer, who took her degree summa cum laude in anthropology, was awarded the European Traveling Fellowship, which has been given to an outstanding senior each year since Bryn Mawr’s first entering class graduated in 1889.

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching is presented to a member of the faculty for exceptional teaching. This year, the award was shared by by Assistant Professor of Sociology Nathan Wright and the late Associate Professor Kevin Robinson of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

The Mary Patterson McPherson Awards recognize excellence and community service among all constituencies of the College. The faculty member who has been nominated by faculty, staff, and students to receive this award this year is the William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor of Political Science, Marc Ross.

The Harvey Wexler Chair was established in 1996 through a bequest from the estate of Harvey Wexler of Washington, D.C., a longtime friend of Joan Coward, class of 1945, to be awarded to a faculty member in economics, history, philosophy or political science. This chair is awarded to Professor of Economics Janet Ceglowski.

The Rosalyn R. Schwartz Teaching Award is given to a member of the faculty who has made a particular contribution to innovative curricular development. This year’s recipient is Professor of Computer Science Deepak Kumar.

The Class of 1897 Professorship in the Sciences, established with gifts from Elizabeth Higginson Jackson 1897 and other members of her class, was awarded to Professor of Psychology Leslie Rescorla.

Three distinguished faculty members who have retired will now be recognized with the title of Professor Emeritus: Rick Hamilton, of the Department of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies; Bruce Saunders, of the Department of Geology; and President Emeritus Nancy Vickers, who was also a member of the Departments of French and Italian.

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