Benefit Reminders: Tuition Grant, Flexible Spending Account and Liberty Mutual

Posted February 24th, 2011 at 1:54 pm.

The following e-mail was sent to the Bryn Mawr faculty and staff by Benefits Manager Martin Mastascusa on Feb. 21:

This is a reminder of approaching deadlines related to the 2011-12 Tuition Grant Program and the 2010 Flexible Spending Account.

Tuition Grant:

A provision of the College Tuition Grant Program is that an application be completed 6 months prior to the expected date of enrollment. If you are planning to use the tuition grant benefit for a dependent child who will be a freshman or who is newly eligible for the benefit in the fall of 2011, please complete a tuition grant application by March 1st. The policy and application are available on the Human Resources web site under “Frequently Requested Forms“. If your child does not know what school he or she will be attending, please check the “Expected Enrollment” box at the top of the application. If actual enrollment differs, an updated application can be completed at a later date.

Applications are also available in Human Resources. Please note that a new application is not needed for continuing students who are already receiving this benefit. A new application is only needed for a continuing student if he or she transfers to a different school, or is returning to the same school after an extended leave of absence.

Flexible Spending Account:

The grace period for incurring medical and dependent care expenses for the 2010 Plan Year ends on Tuesday, March 15th. If you enrolled in a spending account in 2010 and still have an outstanding balance, please be aware of this deadline. Expenses incurred between January 1 and March 15, 2011 can be submitted against either the 2010 or 2011 Plan Year. If you choose to submit expenses from this time period against the 2010 Plan Year, the correspondence should be sent to Human Resources by June 15th. If you choose to submit expenses from this time period against the 2011 Plan year, the correspondence should be sent to Payflex. Instructions on how to submit claims to Payflex are on the Human Resources web site under “Benefits”.

Liberty Mutual:

The following flyers are a reminder of the auto and home insurance discount available to Bryn Mawr employees through Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual 1

Liberty Mutual 2

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