Updating of Copiers Scheduled for Week of March 28

Posted March 24th, 2011 at 11:06 am.

From Chief Administrative Officer Jerry Berenson:

During the week of March 28, Purchasing will be working with Information Services (IS) staff and Ikon (our copier vendor) to replace all Ricoh leased copiers and multifunction machines on campus with new multifunction units.

This change has many benefits.  In addition to providing a substantial cost savings while offering brand new equipment, it also adds print and scan functionality in many campus offices and allows faculty and staff to refine and improve printing and scanning with these devices.  The new contract places all devices on the same 4-year cycle, and allows for a more uniform experience using different multifunction copiers around campus.

The look and function of the copy and fax (where applicable) screens will remain the same, and there will be no changes to basics like ordering supplies and calling for service.  However, there will be some changes which include the following:

  • Scanning screens and process will change.
  • Print queues will change, and printers may need to be reinstalled.
  • There will be a simpler way to “log in” to the copier, eliminating the need for entering 4 digit PINs, and username/password combination.

Keep an eye out for upcoming messages from IS with details on these items and more.

While the College is aware that a mid-semester change may pose a challenge for some offices, the timing is necessary in order to take advantage of cost reductions offered by the vendor.  IS will be working closely with the vendor to ensure a minimum of downtime for each replacement, and the quickest possible return to operations.

Training and information will be available as this project progresses.

In addition to the cost savings provided by this replacement, the College continues to pursue goals of reducing our computer and printer footprint, as identified in both the 2008 cost containment discussions and in sustainability conversations.  In the process of replacing these devices and adding printing in many locations, many departments and workgroups will be asked to reduce the number of printers installed in those environments. Information Services will be leading this initiative but it is one that is supported by the President’s Cabinet and has already been agreed to by the community as part of the 2009 budget reductions.

I hope that the copy machine replacement will not cause much disruption of your work and I thank you for your understanding as we undertake this project.

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