Wanted: Qualified Space-Shuttle Pilots

Posted April 21st, 2011 at 3:15 pm.

Not really. But if you are comfortable in the blogosphere, an expert navigator of social-media space, and excited about joining the team that brought you Bryn Mawr’s first intergalactic initiative, your college needs you as an online envoy to prospective students. Please apply to be a part-time “Social Media Specialist” for the Communications Office next year.

What you bring:

  • A solid record of regular blogging and/or other use of social media (demonstrated by showing us your blog, Twitter account, YouTube videos, or use of some other social-media platforms we’ve never even heard of)
  • Active involvement in Bryn Mawr campus life
  • Enthusiasm about Bryn Mawr and the prospect of connecting with prospective students
  • The ability to express yourself in an entertaining way
  • A sense of humor and adventure
  • Initiative, reliability, discretion, and the ability to work independently

What you get:

  • Training and experience in social-media marketing and audience building, including a daylong session during Customs Week featuring Emily Pinkerton ’07, content editor at Twitter, and Mary Ann Hill of Saltwater Hill Communications, Inc.
  • A customizable blog that reflects your personality
  • An impressive resume entry and a letter of recommendation
  • A part-time job your friends will envy

Apply online through the Student Employment Office’s JobX website. Look for the job title “Social Media Specialist” in Public Affairs (our name has changed to Communications, but the database hasn’t caught up with us yet).

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