More Cover Art from the Bryn Mawr Chemistry Department: Sharon Burgmayer’s Turn

Posted December 1st, 2011 at 12:07 pm.

Bryn Mawr Professor of Chemistry Sharon Burgmayer contributed the cover image as well as a paper to this issue of Inorganic Chemistry.Bryn Mawr chemists don’t stop at the publication of their work in prestigious professional journals; the new trend, it seems, is to publish their creative work on scholarly publications as well.

A few months ago, Bryn Mawr Professor of Chemistry and Nature Chemistry contributor Michelle Francl conceived and helped execute a cover image for an issue of the journal in which she also published commentary about the dearth of women among Nobel Prize winners since Marie Curie won the award 100 years ago.

Now Professor of Chemistry Sharon Burgmayer, too, has joined the ranks of cover artists. When the editors of Inorganic Chemistry asked her to submit a paper to a special issue titled “Forum on Redox-Active Ligands,” they also asked her to create the cover art for the issue. The description of the cover reads, “About the Cover: The cover is an original watercolor by Professor Sharon Burgmayer, with ligands featured from articles in the Forum on Redox-Active Ligands.  The redox noninnocence of these ligand is affirmed, so they are ‘guilty as charged.'”

The co-authors of the paper, titled “Study of Molybdenum(4+) Quinoxalyldithiolenes as Models for the Noninnocent Pyranopterin in the Molybdenum Cofactor,”  include two Bryn Mawr alumnae—Kelly Matz, Ph.D. ’10, and undergraduate alumna Rebecca Rothstein ’09.

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