Enrollment for the Naturally Slim Program Ends Jan. 20

Posted January 19th, 2012 at 4:38 pm.

From a Jan. 16 email from Marty Mastascusa, Human Resources:

PAISIG, the consortium through which the College purchases medical insurance, is sponsoring another enrollment period in the Naturally Slim program. The Naturally Slim program is an approach to improve the health of participants by reducing “Metabolic Syndrome.”   Metabolic Syndrome is the label used for a group of risk factors that often occur together and increase the risk for several health conditions, including coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. The hope is that by having healthier members, this will in the long-run, reduce the utilization of medical services and help control the rise in medical premiums.

The program is offered to the employees and dependents 18 and older who are covered by a PAISIG-sponsored medical plan.   Enrollment will run through January 20th and will be limited to 250 people from the entire consortium.  Since this is the first time that dependents are eligible to participate, I expect that this cap will be met.  If you have an insured dependent who may be interested, please forward this e-mail to him or her.

Anyone who is interested in applying for the program must go to the link below and click on the “Enroll Now” tab.  You will be asked to supply your name, address and then be asked questions about your Metabolic readings.  All of this information is encrypted and protected, lest there be privacy concerns.  Make sure you click the proper link and do not enter the Naturally Slim program through any other website.  You need to apply via the PAISIG website in order to get the program at no-cost.


Please note the following parameters:

  1. The Naturally Slim program is a 10 week, online Metabolic Syndrome Reversal program.  Not everyone who applies will be accepted.  Only people with 3 or more Metabolic Syndrome markers will be asked to join the program.  If you need information on what the Metabolic Syndrome markers are, please see the attached program announcement or the watch this testimonial video –http://vimeo.com/28792958

2.      This program involves a considerable cost and involves participants getting Pre Lab Screening, logging into 10 online classes and getting Post Lab Screening.  If a member applies and is accepted and does not complete the program by either failing to get the blood work or failing to log into 7 of the 10 classes, he or she will be invoiced $100This is necessary to limit enrollment to people who are truly committed to completing the program. Numerous people have signed up and then dropped out of previous sessions, which results in a $500 bill to PAISIG.

  1. The timeline is included in the Naturally Slim Program Announcement – PAISIG Phase 5- 2012 (PDF) and is as follows:
  • Accepted members will be notified via e-mail whether or not you are accepted into the program by January 25th.
  • Accepted Members have until February 13th to complete the Lab Screening, which can be completed at either your physician, a “Take Care Clinic” at Walgreens, or a Concentra Clinic.  More details about the Labs will go out to accepted members.
  • The online program will begin on Monday, February 13th.

A flyer (PDF) on this latest enrollment phase, as well as a Strength In Numbers Booklet (PDF) explains the Naturally Slim program. I was advised that if you participate in this program, you may need to update your approved senders in your spam filter setting so that e-mail communications are not sent to the quarantine file.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Marty Mastascusa                                         (P) 610-526-5266

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