Bry Mawr Summer-Funding Website Now Includes Archive of Students’ Past Internship Posters

Posted January 19th, 2012 at 4:40 pm.

Each year, Bryn Mawr provides support for nearly 200 students engaged in summer internships and research projects, with funding totaling over $600,000. The College is dedicated to offering as many students as possible the opportunity to undertake an unpaid summer work or research experience to further their academic, professional, and/or personal interests.

Many students who receive funding for summer internships produce reports on their projects, and a generous sampling of these reports is now available online, says Assistant Dean and Director of Summer Funding Isabelle Barker. A new Award Archive page on the Summer Funding website gathers internship posters made by many of the students who have received funding in summers 2010 and 2011. Visit the page for brief descriptions of internships in a variety of fields—and explore the Summer Funding site for information about how to pursue an internship of your own.

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