Update for E-Market Users Announced

Posted March 29th, 2012 at 2:17 pm.

The following email was sent to all E-Market users by BMC E-Market Administrators on Wednesday, March 21:

Dear Requestors,

A new reporting tool for users was introduced in the 11.3 version (Nov. 2011) of E-Market called Document SearchDocument Search was designed as an easier way to look up information about documents (purchase requisitions, purchases orders, receipts and invoices) created and processed in E-Market. In the 12.1 upgrade effective in production on Monday, 3/26/12, Document Search will replace the History menu option therefore the History menu option will no longer be available.

Due to this change, the Controller’s Office has created a step by step manual for the Document Search menu option. This manual will now serve as the main source for all users reporting needs in E-Market, the manual is located on the Controller’s Office website, BMC E-Market webpage at the following link: http://brynmawr.edu/controller/BMCDocumentSearchmanual312.pdf .

In addition, the Requestor User Manual for Products has been updated to reflect this change so the History sections have been removed from the manual along with other minor updates. The updated manual is located on the Controller’s Office website, BMC E-Market webpage at the following link: http://brynmawr.edu/controller/BMCItemsREQUESTORSManualUPDATED312.pdf .

All information regarding E-Market is available on the Controller’s Office website, BMC E-Market webpage: http://www.brynmawr.edu/controller/BMCEMarketInfo.shtml .

Please use the Document Search Manual for all your E-Market reporting needs going forward. If you have questions about either manual, please email them to bmcemarket@brynmawr.edu . Thank you for your cooperation.


Your BMC E-Market Administrators

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