Customized Stationery Online Ordering Available Through BMC E-Market

Posted April 26th, 2012 at 2:43 pm.

The following email was sent by Tracy Kellmer, director of College Communications, on Monday, April 23:

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The Purchasing department has announced that they have added a new punch out supplier to E-Market called Office Depot Copy and Print.  We have worked with this supplier to create customized stationery products.  If you need to purchase customized stationery products for your department/area and you do not currently have an E-Market account, you can obtain one by completing and submitting the PDF fill-in form called Request for BMC E-Market Account located on the BMC E-Market webpage at the following link.

There are no minimum order requirements and shipping is FREE on ALL orders.  For all orders placed through the punch out the invoice will be electronically sent to E-Market so you will not receive an invoice however you will be required to create a quantity receipt as usual.  The customized stationery products available include the following:

Business Cards – 4 types

Letterhead – 3 types

Memo pads/Notecards – 2 types

Envelopes – 9 types

The Copy and Print punch out should only be used to place orders for the customized stationery products listed above.  For questions about products not shown in this punch out catalog, or to report difficulties with customizing stationery items, please contact Tracy Kellmer at x6526. The deadline for converting to the new stationery is January 1, 2013. Training sessions will be scheduled in the summer and fall.

Please continue to log into your account on the Office Depot Copy and Print website to place orders for printing jobs. For questions about your copy and print jobs placed through the website, please call their customer service phone number at 717-776-2628. For all orders placed through the website you will continue to receive a paper Non-PO invoice, please continue to enter that invoice into E-Market by following the Non-PO invoice process.

Questions about orders placed through the Copy and Print punch out or placed through Office Depot’s Copy and Print website should be directed to Jerry Berenson at x5183.  To contact our Office Depot account manager, Mark Hennings, call 302-373-5755or email

Thank you,


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