IRB Dates Announced For Fall

Posted September 13th, 2012 at 4:20 pm.

The following email was sent to faculty, students, and staff by Professor of Social Work Leslie Alexander on Tuesday, September 11:

Note: IRB meeting dates are Friday, October 26 and Tuesday, December 18.

Dear faculty, students, and staff:

Above please find the dates of the IRB meetings for the fall, where all proposals requiring a full review must be reviewed. Your Departmental Reviewer and if you are a student, your adviser for the research, must sign off on the proposal. Then you need to send ten collated copies to the IRB chair who must receive them no later than 8 days before the stated IRB meeting.

Proposals  that are exempt from further review or require an expedited review must also be sent to your Departmental Reviewer for sign-off. The Departmental Reviewer then forwards these proposals to the IRB Chair.

If the proposal is exempt from further review and this is also confirmed by the IRB Chair,  the proposal is filed. and there is no further contact with the researcher, unless she wants to change the research procedures. In that case, the proposal must be returned to the IRB chair to determine if further review is required.

If the proposal requires an expedited review, then the IRB Chair forwards the proposal to anonymous member of the IRB for review. We try to get a response back to you within two weeks of receiving the proposal.

Proposals that are exempt from further review or are expedited, can be received by the IRB chair at any time. The receipt of proposals requiring these  two levels of review do not need to coincide with the stated meetings of the IRB for each semester.

The direct link to the IRB website is:
The direct link to all necessary IRB forms, including consent and assent guidance is:
The direct link to the IRB policy and consent statement on web surveys is:

Required forms, other materials – Please send to IRB Chair (via email or campus mail)
All proposals require a completed and signed Form B-1.
For exempt proposals, Form B-2 should also be completed.
For expedited proposals, Form B-3 should also be completed.
For full reviews, Form B-4 should also be completed.
Recruitment procedures, consent and assent forms, and all instrumentation (interview guides, questionnaires, experimental procedures and debriefing scripts, if appropriate, should all be included.

Assent and consent form guidance
Because the IRB often finds information missing from the assent and consent forms, which can delay proposal approval, we have developed some guidance for each, found on the IRB website under Forms. Please be sure to consult these guidance documents when you develop your consent and/or assent forms.

Web policy and consent statement
Be sure to check our web policy BEFORE sending in proposals that include web-based research.
Not all survey software provides encryption free of charge, but our IRB requires it. Also, you must have a consent statement at the beginning of the web survey, providing all of the necessary components of informed consent, including the blurb about limits to confidentiality state on the BMC IRB website.

Changes requested by the IRB in the protocol
If changes are requested after IRB review, please use the tracking option in Word to provide these changes in any of your original documents where change was requested. Please include in your return email a brief documentation of the changes made and where to find them.

Once your proposal has been approved:

Changes to approved protocol
If you make any changes to the approved protocol, these changes must be approved by the IRB BEFORE the changes can be instituted. If the changes do not raise the level of risk to study participants, the IRB chair will approve the changes and send you a letter to that effect. If the Chair has any concerns about the level of risk involved,  the full IRB may need to be consulted. The chair will let you know in a timely fashion if the latter applies to your modifications to the approved protocol.

Continuing Review, Termination Forms
All research approved by the IRB, except for research which is approved as exempt from further review, must have a continuing review on an annual basis, provided in one of the four annual meetings of the IRB. Nona Smith ( will notify you if your research needs a continuing review in an upcoming IRB meeting. She will inform you using your BMC email address, so if you don’t use that address on a regular basis, be sure to have Bryn Mawr email forwarded to your primary email account Please complete either the continuation or termination form and any associated documents requested in a timely fashion. These should be sent directly to the IRB Chair so that they can be reviewed in the appropriate IRB meeting (the one closest to the initial approval date). They do need a signature. A facsimile signature is now acceptable.

When the research is terminated, a termination form needs to be sent to the IRB chair.

Your IRB colleagues thank you for your continued patience and good humor. A hard copy of this email is also provided as an attachment. Please print it out for later consultation.

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