Electronic 2012 Form W2 Consent Deadline 1/18

Posted December 6th, 2012 at 12:21 pm.

The following email was sent to faculty and staff by Payroll Manager Christine Eigenbrot on Monday, Dec. 2:

This message is intended for all College employees who were paid wages by the College during calendar year 2012 AND who have not previously consented to receive their W-2 form electronically:

The deadline for consent to view and print your 2012 Form W-2 in Virtual Bryn Mawr Self Service will be Friday, January 18, 2013.

Please note that if you have previously submitted your consent through Virtual Bryn Mawr Self Service, you can disregard this message. Your prior consent remains valid for all future tax years.

However, if you have not previously consented and you wish to receive your Form W2 for calendar year 2012 electronically, you will need to provide your consent. The consent to receive an electronic Form W-2 is required by the IRS. An employee may either consent and receive their form electronically or not consent and receive a paper form. An employee cannot change their election for a tax year once the tax year has been processed.

For instructions on how to consent, please go to: http://brynmawr.edu/controller/ElectronicFormW-2ProvidingOnlineConsent.pdf

For instructions on how to confirm your current consent status, please to to: http://brynmawr.edu/controller/ElectronicFormW-2ConsentStatus1011.pdf

We will notify employees who have consented to receive their 2012 Form W-2 via email when their electronic Form W-2 is available in Virtual Bryn Mawr for viewing and printing. We are hoping to have the electronic forms available by Friday, January 25th.

Employees who have not consented by January 18th to receive an electronic form will be mailed a paper form to their mailing or home address in Virtual Bryn Mawr on January 31, 2013. Please notify Human Resources if you need to update your current mailing or home address.

Please distribute this email to any employee who does not have ready access to email.

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