New Expense and Reimbursement Policy Effective Immediately

Posted December 13th, 2012 at 10:33 am.

The following email was sent by Assistant Controller Annemarie Thompson to faculty and staff on Monday, Dec. 10:

Dear Colleagues,

In order to have one comprehensive document the College has combined several expense policies into one policy.  Effective immediately, the new policy is called the Expense and Reimbursement Policy and it replaces as well as updates several other policies as follows:

-Credit Card Policy
-Purchasing Policy (except for independent contractor section)
-Travel Expense Policy

Listed below are some of the key changes and/or additions all faculty and staff need to know:

-Definition of what is considered an appropriate business expense.
-Explanation of supporting documentation required for all types of expenses, including requests for reimbursement, wire requests, a purchase via the College’s on-line purchasing system, a charge to your College credit card or reporting back on a travel advance.
Detailed receipts for all types of expenses are now required, this includes detailed receipts for meal expenses.
-Documentation that is in a foreign language must be translated to English by the employee.
-Monthly College credit card documentation due dates.

To ensure your compliance, please review the entire policy for all changes/additions.  The Expense and Reimbursement Policy is located on the Controller’s Office website on the Policies and Procedures page or at the following link: .

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