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Katherine Rowe’s Shakespeare App For iPad Featured on Education and Technology Blog

Posted December 6, 2012

The education and technology blog Edcetera looks at an iPad app, co-developed by English Professor Katherine Rowe, that brings Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” into the digital era. From the article, titled “Why Academics Create the Best E-Texts:” “The app puts to rest lingering doubts about whether an e-text can engage students the way a print book does. […]

All Campus Communication from the Committee on Appointments

Posted December 6, 2012

The following email was sent to faculty, students, and staff by Faculty Appointment Coordinator Linda Butler Livesay on behalf of the Committee of Appointments on Wednesday, Dec. 5: Dear Members of the Bryn Mawr College Community, Listed below are the cases the Committee on Appointments will consider in Semester II of the current academic year.  If […]

Mailroom Open During Winter Break

Posted December 6, 2012

The mailroom will be open December 27 and 31st between 11:00 a.m. and noon to pick up office mail. Regular weekday hours will resume on January 2. For more information, or to be included in a bad weather alert thread, contact Valencia Powell or Jim Naughton at x7336.  

Electronic 2012 Form W2 Consent Deadline 1/18

Posted December 6, 2012

The following email was sent to faculty and staff by Payroll Manager Christine Eigenbrot on Monday, Dec. 2: This message is intended for all College employees who were paid wages by the College during calendar year 2012 AND who have not previously consented to receive their W-2 form electronically: The deadline for consent to view […]

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