Higher Transit Benefit Maximum and Naturally Slim Program Enrollment

Posted January 23rd, 2013 at 4:35 pm.

The following email was sent by Assistant Director of Human Resources Marty Mastascusa to faculty and staff on Friday, Jan. 18:

TransitChek Maximum

Legislation averting the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” (HR 8)includes a provision that raises the monthly cap for the transit benefit to $245, at least through the end of 2013. If you are a participant in the TransitChek Program, please be advised that the new maximum will be available starting in March.  If you want to increase your reduction, you should complete a new agreement and return it to Human Resources by February 15, 2013. The amount that you elect should correlate to your work-related transit expenses.  In most cases, this means that the amount that is elected will not exceed $155 per month, the cost of a SEPTA Zone 3 monthly pass.


Also please note that effective January 1, 2013, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the organization that administers a commuter benefit program in the Philadelphia region, will no longer be licensing the TransitChek trademark.  They will now be using the brand RideECO (Easy Commute Options) to promote its commuter benefit program.  The physical vouchers that participants pick up in Human Resources will still be labeled as TransitCheks – at least for the time being – but otherwise, the program will be referred to as RideECO going forward.  This is the link to the new RideECO website: www.RideECO.org

Naturally Slim Program Enrollment 

One of the wellness initiatives sponsored by PAISIG, the consortium through which the College purchases medical benefits, is participation in the Naturally Slim program.  This program is designed to combat Metabolic Syndrome, which affects 30% of Americans, and is a condition in which a person has 3 of the following 5 traits:

  1. Above Average Waist Circumference
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. High Cholesterol
  4. High Glucose
  5. High Triglycerides

A person with 3 of these 5 markers is at significantly higher risk for a catastrophic health event (stroke, heart attack, onset of Type II diabetes) than a person without such markers.  A description of the Naturally Slim program is available on the Human Resources website: http://www.brynmawr.edu/humanresources/documents/KYN_Booklet.pdf

Employees and dependents who are covered by a College medical plan, and to whom this program may be relevant, may apply at www.naturallyslim.com/paisig through January 25th.  You should not apply if you have participated in this program previously.  While there is no cost to participate, applicants who are accepted but do not complete the program will be billed $100 by PAISIG.  Accepted applicants will be asked to do pre-program lab work (at no cost) and log in to 10 weeks of classes starting on February 18th.

Naturally Slim Program Dates• January 25thDeadline to complete the online application at www.naturallyslim.com/PAISIG• January 30thAll applicants will be notified whether or not they are accepted.• Pre Program Screenings: January 30th – February 15th• February 18thOnline program begins for accepted applicants.

Please call me or send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

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