Last Call for TLI Partnership Applications

Posted January 23rd, 2014 at 11:33 am.

The following email was sent to faculty and staff by Manager of Technology Enrichment and Staff Education Jessica Hollinger Vinson on Saturday, Jan. 18.

Over 100 students have enthusiastically applied for partnerships with the Teaching and Learning Initiative this semester.  While we won’t be able to offer all of these students partnerships, we would love to be able to create 20-30 reciprocal partnerships between students and staff/faculty.  Our students are so eager to to get to know you, to learn from you (outside of the classroom), and to share their time and talents.  To show both our dedication to the program and our appreciation for your time, all staff and faculty participants will receive $75 upon the completion of a successful TLI semester (in addition to paid leave time to participate in weekly partnership meetings and a relationship with one or two of our amazing students).

Do you want to:
build a relationship with a student outside of the classroom?
teach a skill, talent or interest?
learn a new skill, talent or interest?

…and be paid $75 to do it?

If you answered yes to these questions, apply for a spring semester Empowering Learners Partnership!

Who can participate in the Empowering Learners Partnerships branch of the TLI?
Staff and faculty from all campus departments are eligible for participation in the TLI.

Participating in an Empowering Learners Partnership
Empowering Learners Partnerships (ELPs) provide the opportunity to participate in a unique reciprocal relationship with a staff, student, or faculty member (or occasionally in a small group). You and your partner(s) will take turns teaching and learning a skill or interest, allowing both of you to take on the roles of teacher and learner.

Time Commitment
Your time commitment comes out to just 8-10 hours spread between the beginning of February and spring break (March 7), and 7-14 hours (to be decided upon by you and your partner), for the second half of the semester.  Ideally, partnership meetings take place each week to allow time to both share skills and develop a relationship..

A bit more about the time commitment:  When students are interviewed for the TLI, we ask them why they are drawn to this program.  Most students say that they are eager to both teach and learn a skill and develop a relationship that they would not otherwise have a chance to experience while at Bryn Mawr (and many staff and faculty echo these sentiments). The TLI works to create a a structure and environment that fosters these goals.

That being said, we understand that not all staff are able to offer the program two hours a week, each week of the semester.  In an effort to be responsive to both the students’ request for significant meeting time with their partners and staff members’ requests for a more manageable time commitment, TLI partnerships can reduce their meeting time from two hours to one hour each week for the second half of the semester.  By mid-semester most partnerships have laid a solid groundwork for a nurturing relationship and a productive teaching exchange, so reducing the time commitment is a viable option without compromising the quality of participants’ experiences.

What skills, talents, or interests do I have to offer?
All faculty, staff, and students who have an interest in building relationships and sharing knowledge are encouraged to participate in the TLI. Since the creation of the TLI, a wonderfully diverse range of skills and interests have been shared through partnerships:

Literacy skills
Foreign languages
Digital photography
Wood carving
Jazz appreciation
Arts and crafts
Citizenship test
Board/card games

…just to name a few.

If you are interested in participating in the TLI for the spring 2014 semester, apply now!  An electronic application can be found at: . Applications are due by noon on Friday, 1/24.

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