Haffner Update: Township and BMC Board Give Approvals

Posted February 26th, 2014 at 4:08 pm.

The renovation plans for Haffner Hall continue on schedule. The College has completed the Lower Merion Township Zoning, Historic Commission, and Land Development review processes and has a green light to proceed with the design. The Buildings and Grounds Committee also endorsed the latest design ideas at the February Board of Trustees meeting, where the project was reported to be within budget and still tracking toward a fall semester 2015 grand opening.
“We’ve made it through all the major approvals, and are now finalizing design details and preparing the construction documents,” says Bryn Mawr’s Director of Facilities Glenn Smith. “We’re also continuing discussions with the Student Options Housing Committee on the project, particularly regarding the design and layout of the Perry House community portion. Everyone is excited about how the details are taking shape both within the building and throughout the public courtyard area.”

The new Haffner will be an entirely three-story structure and provide housing for 130 students in 110 singles and 10 double rooms, increasing the hall capacity by more than 50 students. Philadelphia-based Atkin Olshin Schade Architects is working with the College on the building design.

 As was outlined in a July email from President Kim Cassidy, the additional space will make it possible for the College to bring back to campus the students it currently pays to house off campus and to incorporate Perry House programming into the Haffner space. The College will also be able to house more upper-class students in single rooms, thanks to the project.

Senior administrators involved with the project and project architect Sam Olshin gave extensive presentations on the renovation to students, faculty, and staff in November.  New renderings and further updates will be available once all design details have been finalized, most likely at the beginning of next semester.

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