Students to Present at Chemistry Conference in Texas

Posted March 12th, 2014 at 9:39 am.

One graduate and six undergraduate students will be presenting at the 247th American Chemical Society’s National Exposition held in Dallas, TX later this month.

Janielle Vidal ’14, Summer Baker Dockrey ’15, and Alicia Makepeace ’14 will be joined by their lab instructor, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jason Schmink. Summer and Alicia will report on a never-before used transmetallation reagent and describe a new way to make carbon-carbon bonds. Janielle will present her in-depth investigations into a unique oxidative esterification reaction.

As part of Sharon Burgmayer’s lab, Ben Williams, M.A. ’11, Ph.D candidate, Anna Kalinsky, Alexandra Kirsh, and Stephanie Yang will also attend the conference.

Ben will present his dissertation research on model studies of molybdenum enzymes, a project that was recently awarded an NIH grant. Anna, who has been working with Ben on the molybdenum enzyme model project, will also present her findings in the study, researching the reactivity of the model and how that relates to enzyme function.

Alexandra and Stephanie will jointly present their project on how to better understand the details of how ruthenium complexes interact with DNA, as well as the mechanism leading to DNA damage in order to aid in design of anti-cancer drugs.

Student travel for the conference was paid for through the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, which provides funding for student conference travel for students pursuing work in biology, chemistry, geology, neuroscience, and/or physics who have participated in Bryn Mawr’s Summer Science Research Program. Students are required to present their research to be eligible for this award, either as a poster or as a panel presentation. More information on Sherman Fairchild Conference Funding is available online.

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