Newberry Award Nominations

Posted February 26th, 2015 at 2:26 pm.

The following email was sent to faculty, students, and staff by Associate Director of Experiential Education Jessica Hollinger on Monday, Feb. 23.

Dear Friends:

Nomination FormNomination Form

Several years ago,  the College and the Staff Association created the Newberry Award.  This is an award to be given to a staff member who best embodies the spirit of the College’s Green Plan by putting its principles into practice in the workplace.  The award is named in honor of former undergraduate dean, Jan Newberry, who founded the committee to draft the Bryn Mawr College Green Plan. The award of $1,000 is funded by the the Staff Association End of Year Sale and by a generous matching gift from the College.  The winner is decided by a committee of faculty members. The 2015 Newberry Award will be announced at the end of the semester.

You may nominate a colleague, yourself, or even a department.  Below is a copy of the Green Plan to help guide you in your nomination.  The nomination form is attached.

Environmental Literacy and Education

  • Integrate environmental knowledge into all relevant disciplines, where practicable.
  • Expand undergraduate environmental studies course offerings.
  • Encourage environmental research opportunities.
  • Expand opportunities for using the campus as a laboratory for environmental studies.
  • Provide opportunities for the entire community to participate in environmental education initiatives.

Greening Our Campus Operations

  • Reduce campus waste.
  • Institute environmentally responsible purchasing policies.
  • Maximize energy efficiency.
  • Make environmental sustainability a priority in building planning, campus land use and transportation.

Campus and Community

  • Work to make the Bryn Mawr community a role model for the larger community.
  • Maintain an environmental center for students, staff, faculty and administrators.
  • Make public our commitment to environmental responsibility and education.
  • Recognize achievements as a community and work to increase community involvement.
  • Seek to create effective alliances with neighboring educational institutions.
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