Newly Elected 2015-16 SGA Executive Board

Posted February 26th, 2015 at 2:28 pm.

The following email was sent to faculty, students, and staff by 2014-15 SGA President Syona Arora on Monday, Feb. 23.

Dear Faculty, Staff, and undergraduate students,

I hope that this email finds you well!

I am writing to you today with some exciting information. This week, the new 2015-2016 SGA Executive Board was elected.

President: Charlie Bruce, Class of 2016, they/them pronouns

Vice-President: Gabrielle Smith, Class of 2017, she/her pronouns

Treasurer: Linh Tran, Class of 2016, she/her pronouns

Secretary: Angela Motte, Class of 2017, she/her pronouns

Head of the Honor Board: Molly Mac Dougall, Class of 2016, she/her pronouns

The 2014-2015 SGA Executive Board is very excited about this team, and we know that they will do a wonderful job in the upcoming year. Their term begins today, Monday, February 23rd, the day after Plenary. Charlie will be sending a summary regarding Plenary later this week.

On behalf of the 2014-2015 SGA Executive Board Board, thank you for the support that we have received during our term. This year, students, faculty, staff, and the administration identified opportunities for collaboration and executed steps to enact positive change. The 2014-2015 SGA Executive Board was excited to take part in these conversations, and we hope that the new SGA Executive Board will also take part in continuing this trend.


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