A Holiday Break To-Do List

Posted December 10th, 2009 at 12:51 pm.

Happy Holidays everyone! Here are a few helpful hints (we hope) to keep in mind before you close up shop.

Make sure you completely turn off all computers and other electronic devices in your office and work space.

Back up any important files.

Empty refrigerators of perishables.

Make certain windows are closed and locked.

Modify voice-mail messages and prepare “e-mail autoreplies” as needed.

Don’t leave any valuables unsecured in your work space.

Notify Public Safety if you plan to be in your office.

Anyone interested in having a 2010 health care/dependent care spending account needs to get the paperwork to Human Resources by Dec. 18.

All bi-weekly and mis-temp staff that have time sheets for the pay period 11/27/2009 through 12/10/2009 are due in the Payroll Office on Friday, Dec. 11, by noon.

Time sheets for the pay period of 12/11/2009 through 12/24/2009 need to be submitted by noon on Friday, Dec. 18.

Mail can be picked up at the College mail room from 11 a.m. to noon on Dec. 28 and 31.

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