Health Insurance Info from Human Resources

Posted October 21st, 2010 at 3:48 pm.

Independence Blue Cross has advised Human Resources that new medical insurance identification cards have been printed reflecting Nov. 1, 2010 plan changes. The new cards should arrive no later than early November. Any employee with Independence Blue Cross health insurance who has a doctor’s appointment in November and has not received a new card by the date of the appointment can print a temporary card from the Independence Blue Cross web site.

Printing a Temporary IDPrinting a Temporary ID

If you switched to a new medical plan during open enrollment but receive an ID card for your old plan, please contact Human Resources as soon as possible. This will happen if you changed from Personal Choice to a Keystone plan and did not complete a “universal enrollment form,” as you cannot enroll in Keystone until you have designated a primary-care physician on this form. When you receive your new ID card, please also check that you received new ID cards for all covered dependents.

Call or send an e-mail to Human Resources Assistant Director Martin Mastascusa if you have any questions.

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