Bi-Co Announces Seamless Administrative Services

Posted April 5th, 2012 at 3:37 pm.

The following email was sent by President Jane McAuliffe and Haverford President Joanne Creighton on Friday, March 30:

Dear Bryn Mawr and Haverford Communities,

We know that on both sides of Lancaster Avenue, faculty, students and staff have long wished for better integration of administrative services between Bryn Mawr and Haverford.

This week, a joint effort to improve the way administrative services are delivered to the Bi-College community officially kicks off.

Called SEADS — Seamless Administrative Services — this effort will create an easier way for community members to interact with data systems that are:

  • consistent from campus to campus
  • easy to use
  • efficient
  • mobile-friendly

The first major step forward is planned to happen this fall when OneCards should work on either campus.

According to the plan laid out by the SEADS team, within the next three years, Haverford and Bryn Mawr will share a single online catalog and course registration system; advisors will have access to students’ course and major information during course selection, regardless of home campus; library resources will be more easily accessible; and a single sign-in procedure will provide permission-based access to systems, data and buildings on both campuses.  Every campus community space – from classrooms to reception areas to party HQs —will be schedulable via one online interface.

Creating the sort of change envisioned by SEADS is a community-wide effort. Below are a few ways everyone can help.

Contribute.  At some point you’ll probably get involved in a SEADS-related project.  Maybe you administer a campus database, schedule activities for your club, or work with academic records in your department.  Because such day-to-day activities will be affected by SEADS, team members will be looking to you for guidance about how best to structure a new system.

Be Imaginative.  ‘Business-as-usual’ is not necessarily ‘best practice.’  Help the SEADS team think of innovative new ways to approach a problem.

Be Receptive.  New solutions often mean new ways of doing things.  Keeping an open mind about change makes change easier.

Thanks so much for participating in this exciting, innovative enhancement to the Bi-Co experience.  You can follow our progress on the SEADS website (, which includes contact information for SEADS team leaders.  The team looks forward to your feedback.


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