Request for 2013 Fulbright and Watson Fellowship Candidates

Posted June 21st, 2012 at 11:13 am.

The following email was sent by Isabelle Barker, assistant dean and director of student funding, to faculty and staff on Wednesday, June 6:

Dear Colleagues,
I write with updated information about post-graduate fellowships and with a request.

As of this summer, I will be serving as Campus Liaison for the Watson Fellowship. The Watson Fellowship provides graduating seniors of unusual promise a one-year grant for travel outside of their home country to undertake a personally significant project.

Michelle Mancini will continue as Fellowships Adviser for all other fellowships, including the Fulbright, which provides graduating seniors opportunities for either teaching English, studying, or doing academic research overseas.

Here is where we need your help.

Michelle and I have compiled a list of students from the class of 2013 who might be good candidates for the Watson and the Fulbright, two of the more popular fellowships, but we would like to expand our list with students you think would be strong applicants. (Note that students who are not U.S. citizens are eligible for the Watson, but not for the Fulbright.)

Please send names of students you think would be good candidates as follows:

  •  for the Watson, send recommendations to Isabelle Barker (


  • for the Fulbright, send recommendations to Michelle Mancini (

In your email, include a sentence or two elaborating on your recommendations. We’ll reach out to all recommended students, but please also encourage your students to look into these opportunities as well.

For more information about these opportunities, go to the following websites:

Fellowships at BMC

Thanks for your assistance in making these terrific opportunities available to our students!

Best regards,

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