Flu Shot Reimbursement

Posted November 20th, 2014 at 11:31 am.

The following email was sent to faculty and staff by Employee Relations and Benefits Specialist Mary Eldon on Monday, November 17.

Independence Blue Cross will reimburse up to $25 for flu shots obtained in a location other than a doctor’s office. In order to claim this reimbursement you should submit the form linked below to the address indicated for either Keystone or Personal Choice. You may submit for this reimbursement even if you have enrolled in the Personal Choice HDHP; it will not be charged against the plan year deductible. ¬†You may also submit for this reimbursement if you are obtaining a flu shot at the Health Center.


Please note that some of the drug store chains are now charging closer to $30 for flu shots, so you may not be reimbursed for the entire cost. If you obtain the shot at a doctor’s office, you cannot submit this form. However, under health care reform guidelines, you should not be charged separately for a flu shot obtained at a doctor’s office because it is considered a preventive service.

Please call or send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

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