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Posted September 3rd, 2015 at 12:09 pm.

The following email was sent to faculty and staff by the Bryn Mawr Credit Card Administrators on Monday, August 31.

Dear Colleagues,

We hope everyone enjoyed their summer and welcome back to those faculty who were traveling.  We are excited to be beginning our first full academic year using GRAM!  We are pleased to announce that the Credit Card Program now has its own webpage on the Controller’s Office website.  All information about the Credit Card Program is located on the following webpage: .

We wanted to take a moment to reminder all credit card program participants about the monthly processes and due dates.  The new monthly process due dates schedule has been posted and is available at the following link:  Monthly CC Process Due Dates .

Generally the due dates are as follows:

  • 8th of the month – Cardholder’s prior month statement, receipts, descriptions and account numbers to allocator.
  • 18th of the month – Allocator creates and attaches file, allocates and submits online Expense Report to approver electronically.
  • 25th of the month – Approver reviews and approves online Expense Report electronically.

For faculty who were traveling during the summer, the deadline to submit your completed June, July and August statement packets to your allocator is September 8th.

Since credit card transactions are not charged against your department, grant and/or project until the entire monthly process is completed it is vital for cardholders, allocators and approvers to adhere to the monthly deadlines so that your budget reports are both accurate and timely.  

Cardholder’s are the first step in this process, so as a reminder, below is a summary of your monthly process:

  1. You should receive an email by the 4th day each month from Online Reporting with the prior month’s credit card statement attached.  For bank security purposes, your designated allocator is not emailed a copy of your statement.
  2. Follow the steps in Section 1 of the Cardholder Guide to open the statement.
  3. If there ARE transactions on the statement, complete your part of the monthly process by following the remaining steps in Section 1 of the Cardholder Guide.
  4. Give the completed statement packet to your designated allocator by the 8th of the month.
  5. Please note, if there are NO transactions on a statement you do not need to do anything.

If you have any questions about the credit card program, please email  Thank you all for your help with this.

Your BMC Credit Card Administrators

Mary Ellen Gardner
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Annemarie Thompson
Assistant Controller

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